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Obesity Prevention Starts Early, Even in Womb

Two studies published this week called attention to obesity and kids—when it starts and who is most at risk. The topic isn’t new but the discovery is…kids who are overweight in their kindergarten and pre-school years are more likely to be obese teenagers. In addition to the social effects, excess pounds have health implications that […]

When to cut the umbilical cord? Sooner or later?

A new study published today in the British Medical Journal rekindles the debate on whether there is a benefit to waiting a little while to cut the umbilical cord after a baby is born. The standard of care in the U.S., as well as other developed nations, is to cut a newborn’s umbilical cord within […]

Peanuts and pregnancy: risky or not?

A study published today in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology revisits the age-old question of this generation: “Is it risky to eat peanuts during pregnancy?” In 2000, the recommendation was to avoid peanuts during pregnancy to reduce the risk of a child developing a lifelong peanut allergy. Then in 2008, medical groups changed […]

3 things a pregnant gal needs

If you are like us, pregnancy is a really good excuse to go shopping! Besides all that cute baby stuff, there are a few key purchases you should get for yourself. Warning: none of these must-haves were spotted on the runways at New York Fashion Week. Granny panties. We know, it can be pretty demoralizing […]