Table of contents

So what issues does Baby 411 really cover? We’re glad you asked. Baby 411 contains over 400+ pages of detailed info about your newborn. Here is an overview and (below) detailed table of contents:


Section One: 3-2-1 Baby! Preparing for the New One

What decisions do you have to make before your baby is born? This section explores finding a pediatrician, the latest news on newborn screening and other timely topics. Next, let’s talk about your baby’s doctor—what are the insider tips to scheduling appointments and what to do on weekends and holidays. Finally, it’s Labor Day. Your baby is here! We’ll talk about your baby’s first few days . . . plus how to survive the first two weeks.

Section Two: Care & Feeding

How do you care for your newborn? The first part of this section explores cleaning your newborn, diaper rash and other hygiene issues. Next, let’s talk nutrition and growth—what do growth charts mean? What nutrition does your baby need for the first year? We’ve got the low-down on your baby’s nutrition, including tips on vitamin supplements, avoiding obesity and getting enough calcium, fiber and iron. Finally, we’ll break down nutrition into separate chapters that focus on liquids and solids. We’ll discuss breastfeeding, formula and other liquids like when you should start milk. Next, we’ll discuss how to tell when your baby is ready for solid foods, including advice on avoiding food allergies. The last chapter in this section is titled “The other end”—everything you wanted to know about baby poop and more!

Section Three: Sleep, Development & Discipline

Let’s talk sleep—this section will give you the scoop on your baby’s sleep (or lack thereof). We’ll talk about setting up good habits and look at the different sleep “gurus” that haunt the bookstore aisles. Next, we’ll look at how your baby will develop, including milestones and social/emotional growth. Finally, it’s a topic every parent must deal with: discipline. We’ll give you advice on how to soothe a newborn, how to develop a good discipline style and dealing with temper tantrums.

Section Four: Sickness & How To Avoid It!

Here, we’ll discuss vaccinations—what’s required and what’s optional. We’ll hit the vaccines controversies head on, including the autism debate and thimerisol. A special section will highlight smallpox. This section also covers the most common infections and diseases, with separate chapters devoted to such topics as the common cold, bacterial infections and more.

Section Five: First Aid—Top 12 Problems & Solutions

What should you do when your baby gets sick? This section will give you advice on taking your baby’s vital signs and what to have in a first aid kit. We’ll hit the Top 12 problems and solutions for newborns, including fever, rashes, trauma and more.

Section Six: The Reference library

This section includes detailed information on medicines, alternative therapies, lab tests, more info on infections, the glossary, references and footnotes


Detailed Table of Contents

Section One: 3-2-1 Baby! Preparing For The New One

Chapter 1


  • Picking A Parenting Style
  • Selecting A Medical Provider For Your Baby
  • Behind The Scenes: Why Is My Doctor So Late?
  • Circumcision Pros And Cons
  • Optional Newborn Metabolic Screening
  • Cord Blood Banking
  • Table: Cord Blood Bank Options Compared
  • Childcare
  • Six Commandments For Balancing Work & Baby
  • Juggling Family & Career: 15 Tips
  • The 5 Options For Childcare
  • Adoption
  • Making A Birth Plan

Chapter 2

You & Your Baby’s Doc: Insider Tips & Advice

  • The Schedule Of Well Baby Checkups
  • 10 Screening Tests
  • How And Why To Schedule A Sick Visit Appointment
  • Who Is The AAP?
  • The Difference Between A Sick Visit And A Consultation
  • Insider Tip: The Best Time To Schedule An Appt.
  • What To Do: Evening And On Weekends

Chapter 3

Labor Day

  • Your Baby’s First Physical Examination
  • Screening Tests, Vitamin K, And Eye Ointment
  • Group B Strep
  • Getting To Know You: Your Baby’s 1st Days
  • Does My Baby Need To Study For His APGARs?
  • What’s THAT In My Baby’s Diaper?
  • Why Is My Baby Turning Yellow?
  • Why Is My Baby Shrinking?
  • When Do I Have To Use A Car seat?
  • When Can I Take My Baby Outside?
  • Special Section: The Two-Week Survival Guide.
  • The Baby Blues
  • The Handy Feeding And Elimination Table

Section Two: Care & Feeding

Chapter 4

Hygiene: The Spa Treatment

  • The First Manicure
  • When Can I Use Diaper Wipes?
  • How Often Do I Clean The Belly Button?
  • Diaper Rash: 5 Tips & Tricks
  • Bathing Baby
  • Cradle Cap
  • Eczema: Advice And Tips
  • Sun block And Insect Repellents
  • The Boy Parts
  • The Girl Parts
  • Mouth care: Thrush, Dental Care, and Drool

Chapter 5

Nutrition & Growth

  • What Growth Charts Mean
  • How Infants Grow (Height, Head Size, Weight)
  • Calorie & Nutrition For The First Year
  • The Big Picture: Nutrition For The First Year
  • Feeding Schedules, Or Lack Thereof
  • Special Concerns: Dropping Down The Growth Chart
  • Does My Baby Need A Vitamin Supplement?
  • Overeating, Obesity, And The Body Mass Index
  • New Parent 411: How To Avoid Obesity
  • Feedback From The Real World: Avoiding The 4c’s
  • Calcium, Fiber, And Iron
  • Happy Birthday! You’re One!

Chapter 6


  • Breast Milk
  • The Advantages Of Breast Milk
  • Why Women Stop
  • Getting Started
  • Day-By-Day Guide
  • New Parent 411: Anxiety At Checkout
  • Top 10 Tips To Survive The First Two Weeks
  • Troubleshooting: The Top 8 Biggest Challenges
  • Engorgement
  • Sore Nipples: 7 Tips For Relief
  • Expressing Milk & Breast Pumps
  • Mom Concerns: Work, Diet, Medications
  • Special Situations: Adoptions, Twins, Preemies
  • Weaning: The Guide
  • The Big Picture: Breastfeeding For The First Year
  • Formula
  • Coke Vs. Diet Coke: The Types Of Formula
  • Soy Formula
  • The Gourmet Formulas
  • Bottles: Which Are Best?
  • The Big Picture: Formula Feeding For The First Year
  • Other Liquids: Water, Juice, Milk

Chapter 7


  • The Five Types Of Solid Foods
  • How To Tell When Your Baby Is Ready?
  • What Is Rice Cereal And Other Stage One Foods?
  • How Do I Know If Baby Has A Food Allergy?
  • Hidden Sources For Dangerous Foods
  • The Big Picture For Liquid And Solid Nutrition

Chapter 8

The Other End

  • Let’s Define Terms
  • What Is Normal Newborn Poop?
  • The Top 5 Worrisome Poops
  • 5 Trade Secrets For Constipation Relief
  • Older Babies: Solid Foods=Solid Poop
  • Fun Fiber Foods
  • Spit Up, Regurgitation, And Vomit
  • What Is Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER)?
  • Tricks Of The Trade: Treating GER
  • Top 5 Worries About Vomit
  • Urine And Bladder Infections
  • Burping, Hiccups, And Gas

Section Three: Sleep, Development & Discipline

Chapter 9


  • The Science Of Sleep
  • How Long Should Newborns Sleep?
  • Sleep Safety Tips: SIDS And Other Dangers
  • Deciding On Your Family’s Sleep Routine
  • Family Bed: Pros & Cons
  • Solitary Sleep: Pros & Cons
  • Setting Up Good Habits
  • Top 10 Commandments For Establishing A Sleep Routine
  • Top 10 Mistakes Parents Make With Infant Sleep
  • Undoing Bad Habits
  • The Sleep Gurus: 6 Approaches Explained
  • The Ferber Technique, Demystified
  • Naps
  • Special Situations—Multiples And Preemies

Chapter 10


  • What Does Development Mean?
  • How Do I Know My Baby Is Developing Normally?
  • What Is The Denver Developmental Checklist?
  • Failing Milestones: What To Do
  • What Is Autism And When Do I Worry?
  • Developmental Delays
  • How Your Baby Learns
  • Your Baby’s Social And Emotional Growth
  • Development By Age
  • Birth To Two Months
  • Two To Four Months
  • Four To Six Months
  • Six To Nine Months
  • Nine To 12 Months
  • Watching TV: When And How Much Is Appropriate?
  • New Parent 411: Top 14 New Parent Safety Tips
  • Good Toys And Books

Chapter 11

Discipline & Temperament

  • Getting To Know Your Baby’s Temperament
  • High Versus Low-Maintenance Babies
  • The 3 Rules Of Cry Management
  • 10 Tips For Soothing The Savage Beast: Newborns
  • Pacifiers: The Party Line
  • What Is Colic And What Can I Do About It?
  • Infant Massage
  • Planting The Seeds Of Discipline
  • 11 Types For Developing A Discipline Style
  • Temper Tantrums: Hurricanes At Home
  • 8 Tried & True Discipline Techniques
  • Special Situations: Separation Anxiety, Thumb Sucking
  • Section Four: Sickness & How To Avoid It!

Section Four: Sickness & How to Avoid It

Chapter 12


  • Vaccines: A Bit Of History
  • The Top 15 Vaccine Questions
  • The 5 Biggest Misconceptions
  • 7 Truths About Vaccines
  • The Government Conspiracy Theory
  • The Vaccination Schedule
  • Vaccines And The Diseases They Stop
  • Optional Vaccines
  • Special Section: Smallpox
  • Vaccine Controversies: MMR/Autism, Thimerisol & More
  • Where To Get More Information

Chapter 13

Common Infections

  • What Are Viruses?
  • The Common Cold
  • Humidifiers & Vaporizers
  • What Are Bacteria?
  • Telling A Bacterial Infection From A Virus
  • Antibiotic Resistance
  • When Your Child Can Return To Childcare Or Playgroup
  • Special Feature: Ear Infections
  • 7 Risk Factors For Ear Infections

Chapter 14

Common Diseases

  • Eyes: Lazy Eye
  • Lungs: Asthma, Bronchiolitis
  • Heart: Murmurs
  • Blood: Anemia, Sickle Cell Disease, Iron Deficiency, Lead Exposure
  • Skin: Eczema
  • Muscles/Bones: Intoeing, Bow-Legged, Flat Feet
  • Endocrine: Diabetes
  • Allergies: Seasonal, Environmental
  • What’s That Smell? Unusual Odors

Section Five: First Aid—Top 12 Problems & Solutions

Chapter 15

First Aid

  • 9 Hints: Making The Most Of A Call To Your Doc
  • Your First Aid Kit
  • How To Take Your Baby’s Vital Signs
  • Making A Diagnosis Over The Phone?
  • The Top 12 Problems & Solutions
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Allergic Reaction
  • Bleeding And Bruising
  • How To Avoid Food-Poisoning
  • Burns
  • Breathing Problems (Respiratory Distress)
  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Croup
  • Choking Emergencies: 4 Tips
  • Cough & Congestion
  • Diarrhea
  • How To Tell If Your Baby Is Dehydrated
  • Vomiting
  • Eye Problems: Pink Eye, Blocked Tear Ducts
  • Fever: A Special Section
  • How To Take Your Baby’s Temperature
  • 10 Commandments To Treating A Fever
  • Poisoning
  • The Most Dangerous Household Products
  • Rashes
  • Seizures
  • Does It Need Stitches?
  • Trauma: Injuries To The Head, Neck, Back, Eyes

Section Six: The Reference Library

Appendix A: Medications

Appendix B: Alternative Medicines

Appendix C: Lab Work & Tests

Appendix D: Infections—The Details

Appendix E: Glossary

Appendix F: References

Appendix G: Footnotes


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