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Crib brand review: Bratt Décor

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Bratt Decor Parisian 3 in 1 crib in Gold finish

Parisian 3 in 1 in gold

Web site:

Once famous for over the top cribs (like the “Casablanca Plume” crib that was topped with–and we’re not making this up–ostrich feathers), Bratt never ceases to surprise. Of course, all that Hollywood style comes at a price. 

Originally, Bratt just made cast iron cribs in unique finishes like the Parisian 3 in 1 Vintage Gold crib (pictured). Reminiscent of the Regency style, this crib runs $760. Simpler cast iron cribs start at $600 

Then Bratt Décor branched out a few years ago into wood cribs with distinctive touches like decorative turned feet, carved back rails and swooping sleigh-style panels. These designs are made in Vietnam (the metal models are imported from China). The Chelsea Sleigh crib (pictured) comes in several finishes, including “antique silver.” Price: $990. Overall, prices for Bratt Décor’s cribs range from $790 to $1360.

Bratt Decor Chelsea Sleigh Crib

Bratt Decor Chelsea Sleigh Crib in antique silver

What parents seem to like here is the gilded style and princess themes; Bratt Décor is one of the few crib makers out there today that makes wrought iron cribs. They also have matching accessories such as nightstands, mirrors, bookcases and other decorative options. FYI: Bratt Décor sells direct via their web site, in case you can’t find a local dealer who carries the line.

Perhaps one of the most interesting option from Bratt are the crib/cradle options. These start out as round cribs, then convert to a full size crib with rounded ends (see picture). Starting at $720, they have both cast iron and wood versions (see picture). The only caveat: they don’t convert to a twin bed.

How’s the quality? Readers say it is very good—one reader said after two years, her Bratt Décor crib “has held up beautifully.”

On the down side, this company can be incredibly slow at shipping—one source told us Bratt Décor orders require a wait of 25+ weeks on some items. Yes, that is half a YEAR. The company also discontinues product frequently—at one point in a recent year, they dropped half their line. And the company generally seems disorganized, with reports of unreturned phone calls, etc.

Bratt Decor J'Adore Crib/Cradle

J’Adore Crib/Cradle shown as a cradle.

Hence, it is a mixed review for Bratt Décor: kudos for the clever design and overall quality. But concerns over shipping delays and discontinued products temper our rating.

Bratt Decor J'Adore Crib/Cradle

‘Adore Crib/Cradle shown as a full size crib.

FYI: Bratt Decor holds occasional warehouse outlet sales at their Baltimore, MD company store with savings up to 70%. Check their Facebook page for details. Rating: C+



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