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Crib brand review: Capretti Design

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If money is no object, Capretti Design has got some nursery furniture for you.

This company got its start in 2007 by Mitchell Schwartz, a veteran of the old Ragazzi brand when it was made in Canada. Capretti has gone through several strategies, first importing cribs from Asia and then switching to made-in-the-USA production.

That’s why Capretti’s prices are so high—these cribs are now made by Amish craftsmen. Capretti features solid maple wood construction (no MDF), dust proofing and high-end drawer glides from Blum (Blumotion) that are under-mounted and self-closing.

So how expensive is Capretti? How about cribs for $850 to $1700? Or a double dresser for $1060 to $2550? Yes, these prices have come down a bit, but they’re still pretty stratospheric.

If you are still with us, you might ask, is Capretti worth it? From a design stand-point, these are nice cribs and dressers, but hardly unique (the Milano pictured is probably Capretti’s most unique offering, with its curved base). Ten to 12 finishes are available for most collections—nice, but again not terribly special.

What you are buying here is the solid maple construction, Finishworks “scratch resistant” finish and made-in-the-USA-by-Amish construction. Apparently, Capretti is also offering “Capretti Design Organic” furniture using Green Seals approved finishes. They claim these finishes are chemical or chemical preservative free, 100% VOC free and carbon neutral. While we’re skeptical about the “organic” nature of this, we also don’t see how you can order this option online. Nor do we see a price upcharge (but you can bet there is one). 

Perhaps the best feature of Capretti is the ability to customize the furniture (colors, sizes, dimensions) . . . and when you are paying $1500+ for a double dresser, that makes sense. Want a two-tone finish? That is a 10% surcharge. An organic finish is 20% more. 

There is good news on the price front: Capretti recently debuted a new, less expensive collection dubbed New England Shaker. The furniture runs 5% to 20% less than Capretti’s other furniture—a crib runs $1100, a double dresser $1200.

Quality-wise, Capretti is impressive. Yes, you are paying through the nose for the Amish construction, but this furniture is excellent. We also like the eight week turnaround, which is quicker than most upper-end brands.

One last caveat to Capretti: the company only has a handful of dealers (16 at last count). So seeing this brand in person may be a challenge.

Bottom line: if you want to avoid imported furniture, don’t want to wait 12-16 weeks or would like a custom look to your nursery furniture and have the bankroll, Capretti should be on your short list.

Rating: B+


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