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Glider Rocker brand review: Best Chair

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This Indiana-based rocking chair maker entered the baby biz in 2002, although they trace their roots to the 1960’s. We were very impressed with their quality and offerings. Basically, Best specializes in upholstered chairs with over 700 fabric choices. They also make traditional glider rockers and furniture for other rooms in the house.

Best claims their gliders have the longest glide in the industry. They also offer an optional 10-position glide lock that makes it easier to get in and out of the chair. The traditional wood designs have a closed base for safety.

Delivery is four weeks and prices are decent for an all-upholstered look: most are $400 to $750. A matching ottoman is $160 to $300. Best is sold only in specialty stores and on (we noticed ten models, in fabric and leather options). The Jacob model, pictured, runs $450 (on sale for $380) in seven microfiber fabrics.

Best Chair PerformaBlend glider rocker

Best Chair Costilla Swivel Rocker is available in both leather and PerformaBlend. The price difference: $100.

Best Chair most recently began offering a “bonded” leather fabric option dubbed PerformaBlend. Bonded leather is made of leather scraps and costs less than a full leather chair (about $750 compared to $1000 or more for leather).

Feedback from readers has been mostly positive on Best—a few complaints centered on Best models sold on that had backs that were too short for some taller parents. Most folks had no problem, however and generally loved Best’s overall quality and durability. For taller parents, it might be good to try out this chair in person before purchasing. Rating: A


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  1. Kerry says:

    What is the stuffing made of in Best Chairs? I’m trying to stay away from Polyurethane stuffing with is a foam core used in most stuffed furniture which contains toluene (a VOC), one of the most toxic chemicals known to cause cancer.

  2. wp_admin says:

    Good question. According to our notes, Best Chairs says it uses “High-Density Foam/High-Loft Premium Polyester Cushioning.” But we don’t know the exact make up of the foam. We will ask around to see if any of the glider companies we recommend offer an eco-friendly option.
    Alan & Denise Fields
    authors, BABY BARGAINS

    • Concerned Mom says:

      Hi Alan and Denise,

      Did you find any information about the Best stuffing? There is a few points on their website but not alot of detail around their foam/VOCs.


  3. Michelle says:

    Have you had a chance to review or received any feedback about the Best Chair power recliners ( The power recliner seems to be a great option for a smoother recline, but we aren’t sure if it’s worth the extra cost. Also, it’s unclear from the company’s website if the power recliner swivels and if the power rocker recliner glides in a horizontal motion or rocks like a class rocking chair. Any information you have would be much appreciated!

  4. wp_admin says:

    Hi Michelle: Yes, we’ve seen those (power recline). Feedback on them so far is good, but we worry this is something that might eventually break. And we’re not sure how easy it would be to repair. If the motor gives out or otherwise fails, I’m not sure you can manually recline the chair. So you’d be stuck at that point.

    I don’t have the answer on whether that chair also swivels.

    Bottom line: nice feature, but not sure it is worth the extra expense and possible future headaches!

    Alan & Denise
    authors, BABY BARGAINS

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