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Infant Car Seat review: Dream on Me Mia Moda Certo

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Limits: 4-22 lbs.; 29”

NHTSA ease of use rating: Three out of five stars.

Comments: Stroller maker Mia Moda launched this basic infant seat as the Viva back in 2007. It sells for about $120, works up to 22 lbs. and has EPS foam, three harness heights and a three-position reclining base. The carrier weighs only 7.5 lbs. 

We do not recommend this seat after Mia Moda recalled the entire production run of the Viva in 2009 for defective bases that could crack in a crash. Another negative: it only works to 22 lbs—a low weight compared to other seats.

In 2011, Mia Moda changed the name of this seat to the Certo. As far as we can tell, it is identical to the Viva (with a revised base that addresses the cracking issue). We assume the name change was an attempt to escape the bad publicity from the Viva recall.

FYI: Mia Moda is now part of Dream on Me, the nursery furniture and crib mattress maker. This seat is now marketed under the name Dream on Me Mia Moda Certo.

The Certo hasn’t changed much in recent years. The lack of upgrades or updating is disappointing.

Rating: F



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