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Stroller brand review: Dream on Me / Mia Moda

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Mia Moda is owned by Dream on Me, better known for their affordable cribs and organic crib mattresses. The stroller brand was originally launched over ten years ago by ex-Graco and Maclaren alumni but after poor sales the company was sold to Dream on Me in 2010.

Basically, these are entry-price point strollers imported from China. Dream On Me has six models that are currently sold online:

1. The Facile ($80, 15.8 lbs.): has a four-position seat recline and front wheel suspension—it’s a decent buy for the price. The twin version is $110.

2. The Libero Elite ($140, 18.7 lbs.): a feature rich umbrella stroller with full, four-position recline, standing fold, adjustable footrest, shockproof rear wheels, and car seat compatibility.

3. The sleek Energi ($210, 25 lbs.): a tri-wheel model with full recline, front swivel wheel, child’s tray, and height adjustable handle.

4. The Atmosferra ($190, 23.8 lbs.): an expensive, full-size stroller with three-position seat recline, reversible seat, height adjustable handle, adjustable foot rest, cupholder, and lockable front swivel wheels.

5. The Compagno ($190, 34.4 lbs.): a knockoff of the Sit N Stand. An older toddler can sit or stand in the back, while a younger baby sits in front. The Compagno is also car seat compatible.

6. The Veloce ($102, 16 lbs.): a full size model with two handles, an extended canopy, and plush padding.

So, how’s the quality? Feedback on these strollers is sparse, as the brand is sold in few stores and just a handful of online sites. What little reader feedback we’ve heard is mixed—the lower price models (Facile) seem to do best; while the three-wheel Energi gets less than glowing marks from readers who say the quality just isn’t there for a $200 stroller.

Oddly, none of the above models are on Dream on Me / Mia Moda’s web site, which shows a dozen or so newer models (including a twin tandem; $184 and a twin side-by-side; $100). The Acrobat (pictured; $340)), an all-terain style four wheel stroller with bassinet has received mixed reviews from parents who complain that the quality is poor, it can’t be combined with an infant seat and it’s expensive for what you get ($300 to $350).

Bottom line: this isn’t a brand we’d recommend.

Rating: C


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