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Stroller brand review: Mutsy

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Dutch-bred Mutsy came to the U.S. in 2007 and sells a collection of high-end, multi-function strollers.

The models. Mutsy’s flagship model is the 4Rider ($550, 33.5 lbs.; pictured), which has 10” single-spoke wheels, a car seat adapter and optional bassinet. The 4Rider Light ($520, 30.6 lbs.) swaps the 4Rider’s air-filled tires for rubber versions.

The Transporter ($400, 24 lbs.) features a partially reclining seat, height adjustable handle and 10” rear wheels. Car seat adapters and a bassinet ($150) are available. This stroller appears to have been discontinued although you might still see a few for sale online.

Next in the Mutsy line is the Evo stroller ($300). This 26.6 pound, full featured stroller has full recline, reversible and removable seat, and includes an enclosed footrest and expansion canopy. It is available with a black or aluminum chassis. Large foam wheels, a large basket and a height adjustable handle round out the features.

The Mutsy Igo is the brand’s latest offering. The seat is reversible, it comes with a large hood and folds (with the seat on) into a fairly compact footprint. The cost: a whopping $530. The Igo isn’t widely available at the time of this writing. 

Our view. On paper, Mutsy looks like a slam-dunk—multifunction strollers that just ooze cool Euro chic. Unlike other models that tout a faux “European-inspired” label, Mutsy is the real deal. These strollers are head turners.

Yet, so far, Mutsy has barely been a blip on the sales radar at baby stores. Why the washout? In a word: weight. These strollers are too darn heavy. Even the “light” version of the 4Rider is 30.6 lbs. That’s just too much for American tastes. Another complaint is the fold: it’s not very easy to figure out . . . and to get the smallest footprint to fit the 4Rider in a trunk, you have to remove the seat. 

Fans of Mutsy cite the super-adjustable handles, and plush fabrics. Quality, overall, is excellent.

One negative note: Mutsy suffered a safety recall on the Evo in 2012—the space between the grab bar and seat bottom was too large, allowing an infant to pass through. Fortunately, no injuries were reported due to this hazard. Because of increased complaints about the fold, we’ve lowered Mutsy’s rating this time around.  Baby Bargains Resale Rank: Good. Rating: B-

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