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Cloth Diaper Web Site review:

BB Rating
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A EXCELLENT-our top pick!
B GOOD-above average quality, prices, and creativity.
C FAIR-could stand some improvement.
D POOR-yuck! Could stand some major improvement.

Web site:
Home of the OsoCozy line of cloth diapers, offers just about everything parents need for cloth diapering: covers, inserts, swim diapers, training pants and more. Package deals are available as well. When we first reviewed these guys, we were impressed by their All-in-One diapers. The system has soft cotton inside against baby’s skin (gauze in the bleached ver- sion, birdseye weave in the unbleached), a polyurethane waterproof liner, adjustable Velcro-style closures and elastic leg openings. The cost: $15 each with quantity discounts available. The advantage of the all-in-one is pretty obvious, but if you’d rather buy prefolds or flat diapers, they are also available on this site as are organic fabric options. Package options are available on both fitted and prefolds at up to 35% off. Cloth does sell FuzziBunz and GroVia diapers as well as Bummi, Imse Vimse, Whisper Pant and Gerber dia- per covers. Finally, we love this sites “all the diapers your baby will need” options. Let’s say you want to buy all the fitted diapers your baby will need up to 18 lbs and you don’t want to wash too often. That package sells for $465.95. If the items were purchased separately, the cost would be $735. What a deal! Rating: B


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