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Booster Car Seat Review: Graco Argos 65/70/80 Elite

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Note: Graco is discontinuing the Argos in 2016; it is adding a no rethread harness (which was the Argos’ claim to fame) to the Graco Nautilus. Since the Argos is still for sale as of this writing, here is an archived review.

Price: 65: $160
70: $160
80 Elite: $215

Type: Combo.

Limits: 65: 20 to 65 lbs. with harness, up to 100 lbs. as a highback booster, up to 120 lbs. as a backless booster.

70: 20 to 70 lbs. with harness, up to 100 lbs. as a highback booster, up to 120 lbs. as a backless booster.

80 Elite: 20 to 80 lbs. with harness, up to 100 lbs. as a highback booster, up to 120 lbs. as a backless booster

NHTSA ease of use rating (Argos 70 only):
Harness mode: Three out of five stars.
Booster mode: Four out of five stars.

IIHS rating (Argos 80 Elite only model tested): Best Bet.

Comments: The big headline here is a no-rethread harness. Graco is also promoting this seat’s side-impact testing and EPS foam as well as its three-position recline.

Basically, the Argos is like the Nautilus, but works to 65, 70 or 80 lbs. with a five-point harness depending on the model (the Nautilus works to 65 lbs.). Then the Argos becomes a backless booster to 120 lbs. (the Nautilus stops as 100 lbs.). And the no-rethread harness is a big pro over the Nautilus.

So what’s not to like? Well, the harness slots are the same height as the Nautilus. You’d think if they are promoting the higher weight, Graco would throw you a harness height an inch or so above the Nautilus. And the price premium is another issue: the Argos is between $150 and $215, while the Nautilus can be found online for as little as $140 on Walmart as we speak.

Feedback on the Argos is positive—fans generally laud the seat’s quality and design. A recent upgrade to the seat is a better buckle system (IMMI) to counter issues readers had in the past with the old buckles.  While it is overshadowed by its better-selling sister model (the Nautilus), the Argos is worthy of consideration as well.

Rating: B+



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