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Sling Carrier Product Review: BabaSling

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A EXCELLENT-our top pick!
B GOOD-above average quality, prices, and creativity.
C FAIR-could stand some improvement.
D POOR-yuck! Could stand some major improvement.


FYI: Joovy no longer appears to be distributing The BabaSling. They no longer feature it on the Joovy web site and it is listed as discontinued on Amazon. There are a few still for sale, so for now we’ll keep our review up.


Price: $80 to $130

Weight Range: 7.7 to  to 33 lbs.

Comments: Around since 1999 (but recently introduced in the U.S.), the BabaSling allows you to carry your baby in five different positions (three carrying positions, two breastfeeding positions). They use heavy duty “ski buckles” to secure and adjust the sling. The shoulder straps are padded as well as the sides of the sling. Fabrics include solid colors, plus one pattern. They have organic options as well as lighter weight, warm weather styles (the BabaSling Lite). Overall, parents are happy with the BabaSling. Some have complained that it’s too tight or too complicated to figure out. If you need more adjustability, a ring sling gives you that. Joovy’s web site does have videos to help parents use it correctly.

As a side note, there is a similar Australian sling called Baba Sling (without the “The”). We have not reviewed this sling. The Joovy version has a Joovy logo on the front.

Rating: B-

Amazon Customer Reviews: The BabaSling



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