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BabyBargains.com is part of Windsor Peak Press, a Boulder, CO-based media company owned by consumer advocates Denise & Alan Fields.

Windsor Peak Press was founded in 1990 when we published our first consumer guide, Bridal Bargains. We have since launched a successful line of parenting books (Baby 411, Toddler 411, Baby Bargains) and companion web sites.

Our no-commercial policy: we don’t take ads. Or fees. Or any other compensation for our reviews. Windsor Peak Press derives the majority of its income from sales of our books and subscriptions to our web sites.

(Full disclosure: for our message boards, we do use VigLink to monetize commercial links posted by users on our message boards. This revenue helps to keep our message boards ad-free. Click here to learn more on VigLink. We also use a plug-in called Tapatalk  for our message boards that makes them easier to read on mobile and tablet devices. Tapatalk also enables us to monetize commercial links posted by users on our boards. If you wish, you can opt out of VigLink; Tapatalk is not required to access our boards from mobile devices.)

We believe this ensures objectivity—our sole focus is on providing parents with the best and most accurate reviews of baby gear.

Trust us, some companies would pay us to keep their products OUT of our books if they could. That’s because we strive for honest, frank and unflinching product reviews, not PR-fluff.

We don’t accept ANY free samples, gift baskets or other promo items from the companies we review here or in our book. In the 16 years we’ve been researching and writing about baby gear, our policy of not accepting ads, payments or gifts is about keeping our work free of any bias or conflict of interest.

When we review a product, we will either purchase it at retail or solicit reader feedback from parents who’ve purchased it at retail. Hence, we don’t accept any free samples from companies.

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