Archive bonus material

This is an archive of bonus material from past editions of Baby Bargains.

1. Additional crib maker reviews that didn’t fit in Chapter 2.

2. The Environment California report on crib eco-hazards.

3. Bottle feeding thread. Posted to our message boards by a reader, this great thread gives you in-depth advice on bottles and supplies. ALSO: our Q&A about baby bottle safety.

4. Humidifiers. Read our buying advice.

5. Toys. Learn what basic toys are best for baby, plus wastes of money, bargain ideas, and mail order sources.

6. Pet Meets Baby. Advice on how to introduce baby to your pet.

7. Safety. Baby proofing tips and advice, room by room.

8. Baby Announcements. Read about the most affordable sources for baby announcements, including options for adopting parents.

9. Mail order sources. Catalogs and web sites that sell baby products.

10. Montreal parent resources.

11. Archive of old reviews and extra material that didn’t fit in the book (car seats, high chairs, etd). Look here if you can’t find what you are looking for!

12. Extra stroller reviews that didn’t fit in the book!

13. Flying the unfriendly skies: our travel tips!

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Bonus materials

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