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Mamaroo: What’s the difference between the 2012 vs 2015 versions?

Reader Lauren W. writes in today with a simple question: what’s the difference between the 2012 and 2015 Mamaroo? In case you aren’t familiar with the Mamaroo, this best-selling bouncer/soother runs $200+ and has been a hit since its release in 2012. For 2015, Mamaroo maker 4Moms has refreshed the bouncer with several new features. […]

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The 12 Worst Baby Gifts Ever!

Baby Shower season is upon us once again, so it’s time for gift givers to ponder that perfect baby gift. As a public service, we polled the readers of our Baby Bargains book to find the Worst Baby Gifts of All Time. Feel free to use this as a guide as to what NOT to […]

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Reader email: Kudos to the Coobie bra!

Reader Lauren D. writes in with a rave for Coobie bras: Hello, I have a bra for you to include in your book! Originally I found out about them through a coupon in some pregnancy magazine. I bought 3 bras on their website for $40 (usually 20 each). They’re great because you can buy them […]

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The Funniest X-Rated Comments From Your Kids

Toddlers say the darnest things! Check out this funny thread from our readers on the Baby Bargains message board:

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Coming next week: Expecting 411’s Dr. Brown on Dr. Oz

Great news! Our co-author Dri Ari Brown will be making an appearance on the Dr. Oz show. The show will air next week—we will blog shortly when we have a confirmed date! Dr. Brown will be talking about EXPECTING 411 on a show that tackles the topic of vaccines and autism.

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Mickey Mouse

NYT: Disney plans invasion of baby gear category

If you are giving birth this spring, you may have a visitor in the maternity ward: Mickey Mouse. According to the New York Times, Disney is giving away 200,000 “Disney Cuddly Bodysuits” to new moms in maternity wards across the country though May. This is part of Disney’s new push into all things baby, from […]

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Reader: KozyPal shopping cart cover maker took money, never shipped product

Reader Kelley J writes in today about a company we recommended in our book: Good morning,   First of all, I must say that your book was and still is very helpful to my husband and I who just had our first child last June. We referred to the book many times to help us […]

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Reader: Chubby Seats a rip off

Reader Janet O. writes in today about her experience with a shopping cart cover company we recommended in our last book: Hi Denise and Alan, About two months ago, I wrote you saying that I was having trouble ordering a chubby seat as recommended by your book, Baby Bargains.  You kindly responded and I managed […]

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Shocker: FDA says Evenflo failed to report defective breast pumps that shocked users

The Federal Drug Administration has slapped Evenflo with a warning after the breast pump maker allegedly failed to report that its pumps shocked users. The FDA has received 37 complaints about Evenflo pumps, including three from moms who said the pumps shocked them. The Wall Street Journal reports: The Food and Drug Administration said baby-products […]

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Discounters strike back: new bill would ban minimum pricing policies

Online discounters such as eBay and Burlington Coat Factory are celebrating a victory today, after a House committee passed a bill to overturn a 2007 Supreme Court decision that legalized price fixing. That decision enabled manufacturers to set "minimum advertised prices" (MAP)—forcing online discounters from selling any product below a set price. The new bill […]

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