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Medela responds to our story on concerns over their low-end pumps

Medela has responded to our article that broke the news that the company is dropping a low-end breast pump sold via insurance that prompted complaints and concerns. Medela asked that we correct the article with the following statements. Here are Medela’s points with our comments: “Medela is quietly phasing out the Personal Double pump (model 57038) […]

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Medela dropping breast pump that prompted complaints, concerns

A leading breast pump manufacturer is quietly phasing out a low-end breast pump sold through insurance carriers after complaints surfaced about its effectiveness. Medela, the largest breast pump maker in the U.S, manufactured a special pump (model 57038 or MY57038) for sale through insurance companies that doesn’t pump as much milk as the company’s retail […]

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Need advice on the best breast pump? Look here!

We’ve launched a new site dedicated to the best breast pumps! Even if you are getting a “free” pump from your insurance, check our tips, picks and advice! Let us know what you think of these new sites—we’d love your feedback!  

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Reader Question: Sleep, Baby, Sleep (In Your Crib)

I just finished Baby 411 and loved it, but I have a question. My 5-week-old little girl wants to be held all the time. She refuses to sleep in her crib, waking up almost immediately every time she gets put down there. She will usually sleep pretty well in either her swing or her bouncy […]

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Kick the New Year Off Right: 5 Super Duper Kids Books

Reading is a great way for parents to connect with their children. It also serves as learning time. The most active period of brain development is between birth and 3 years of age so even for the littlest ones, who can’t yet speak or read for that matter,…reading is important. Are your kids ready to […]

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The Affordable Care Act and Breast Pumps

If you weren’t paying attention in the last few months and years, the Affordable Care Act (ACA, Obamacare) has rolled out . . . and it includes a special benefit for new moms: a free breast pump. Before you get too excited, though, there are “a few, uh, provisos. Ah, a couple of quid pro […]

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Reader tip: Cleaning advice for Medela's Pump in Style

Reader S. Stoney rights in today with a great tip on how to clean the Medela Pump in Style with the Born Free Twister Brush set: Greetings Fields! I am a big fan of all your books. I am currently reading Toddler 411 (I have a 14-month-old girl at home). I wanted to share some […]

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