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You can’t talk to new parents without hearing the heated debate on swings, those battery-operated surrogate parents. Some think they’re a godsend, soothing a fussy baby when nothing else seems to work. Cynics refer to them as “neglect-o-matics,” sinister devices that can become far too addictive for a society that thinks parenting is like a microwave meal—the quicker, the better. Whatever side you come down on, we do have a few shopping tips. Below is our buying advice and brand recommendations. 

First, ALWAYS try a swing before you buy. Give it a whirl in the store or borrow one from a friend. Why? Some babies love swings. Others hate ‘em. Don’t spend $120 on a fancy swing only to discover your little one is a swing-hater.

When we last wrote on the topic of swings, you still had a choice between wind-up swings and battery-operated models. While you may still find some wind-up models at garage sales or on eBay, most swings sold in stores are battery-operated. On Craigslist, we’ve seen wind-up swings for as little as $20. Of course, check with the CPSC ( to make sure a used swing hasn’t been recalled. Good news: many swings now also include an AC adapter so you can plug the swing into a wall outlet. This saves tremendously on batteries. Fisher-Price has several options with adapters.

If you are in the market for a new swing, remember this rule: swings eat batteries faster than toddlers can scarf M&M’s. Look for swings that use fewer batteries—some use as little as two or three (others up to four).

Swings range in price from $50 to $140. The more money you spend the more bells and whistles you get—toys, musics, etc.

Remember to observe safety warnings about swings, which are close to the top ten most dangerous products, as far as injuries go. You must always stay with your baby, use the safety belt, and stop using the swing once your baby reaches the weight limit (about 25 lbs. in most cases). Always remember that a swing is not a baby-sitter.

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