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Diapers can and do leak. To protect your crib mattress, we do suggest a waterproof pad. Here’s a quick overview of our picks for this important part of the nursery.

Crib mattress pads are rather simple—look for a durable pad that protects your crib mattress in case of a diaper leak. The goal is to have something that is snug to the mattress, hence all around elastic is important. Nearly all pads are machine washable, but we looked carefully at reader feedback for which pads could withstand multiple washings.

We should point out that there are several solutions to keeping the mattress dry. Instead of a mattress pad, you can do a "sheet saver"—these are basically crib sheets that have a waterproof backing and can easily remove for washing. They snap, velcro or tie on to the mattress. When the sheet needs to be changed, you just remove the top layer (instead of removing the entire sheet from the mattress). Summer (Ultimate Crib Sheet), Nojo (Sheet Saver) and others make them.

Remember you just need ONE waterproof barrier—the waterproof pad OR a sheet saver. You don't need both! The concern for having both on a mattress is creating a too-soft surface (which is a risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). It is safe to have a waterproof pad, sheet and firm mattress . . or a sheet saver and crib mattress.

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