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In this section, you’ll find our top picks for safety gates as well as safety advice for toys, baby proofing, first aid supplies, and top safety must haves.


Safety gates are needed in four key areas:

◆ STAIRS. Gates should be permanently mounted at the top and bottom of stairs.

◆ NO BABY ZONES. You may want to gate off the dining room or other areas baby isn’t allowed.

◆ PLAY AREAS. Some gates can be linked together to form pla- yards—a space where baby can play, but not escape.

◆ WINDOWS/FIREPLACES. Unless you plan to leave your windows closed and locked, safety gates are needed when a window is opened. Fireplaces hearths are another area that need gating.

Gates come in two flavors: hardware or pressure mounted. Hardware-mounted gates are permanently affixed to walls or door openings. Pressure-mounted gates use a spring to create pressure, holding the gate in place. In general, we recommend hardware- mounted gates at the top and bottom of stairs. Pressure-mounted gates are fine for no baby zones.

When it comes to hardware-mounted gates, it is always best to mount the gate’s brackets into solid wood (not drywall). Use a “stud finder” (sold in hardware stores) to find wood studs in walls.

Here's a PDF with more safety advice: which baby products should be banned and more: Click here.

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