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What you need to know about this year’s flu

As you have probably heard, this year’s flu season is here and it’s gonna be ugly. The predominant “A” strain circulating is a mutant strain for which the current vaccine provides little protection. But here are five things you may not know: 1. Flu symptoms start with high fever (often 102 F or above), fatigue, and […]

New 10th edition of Baby Bargains now available! Special price, now $14.95!

20 years! Yes, this is the 20th year anniversary edition of Baby Bargains! To celebrate, we are offering a special price of $14.95 (regularly $17.95) for the brand new 10th edition of Baby Bargains! This new 10th edition adds the latest tips and advice on getting bargains on baby gear, including: Expanded reviews of video monitors, including […]

Podcast: How to save big on a wedding gown

Author Alan Fields is the guest on the Disney Wedding Podcast today—give it a listen here! This week’s show is all about shopping for the bridal gown: where to look, what to look out for, and how to save big. My guest expert is Alan Fields, who with wife Denise Fields wrote Bridal Bargains: Secrets to Throwing […]