Reader feedback: tips on the dress, flowers and Whoopie pies

Reader Aimee L. writes in today with some good advice and tips from her wedding:


Now that the dust has settled from the wedding, I wanted to take a moment to let you know I found your book invaluable planning our wedding. I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but grew up on the central coast of California, so we decided to have a fall wedding there (10-15-2011). Planning is challenging enough — throw in 3,000 miles of distance and you have the makings of a disaster! I was dragging my feet for months getting started because I wasn’t sure how, and then I came across your book on Amazon. A few KEY things I really appreciated …

Buying a dress …
Literally every woman in my family has eloped. I am the first one to have an actual wedding gown, so none of us had the first clue what to expect, what to look for, what questions to ask. A friend recommended a local shop, and my mother and grandmother flew in to help me. Before heading down, I used the reference chart provided in the dress section to research designers and become familiar with what to look for. Using the tips from your book, I found a beautiful, off-the-rack Allure gown — at 65% off!

Flowers …
Thank you for the reviews for the different online wholesalers. I was nervous, but your suggestion to use a combination of florist and DIY made it less intimidating. In the end, we discovered we could handle everything ourselves. I ordered flowers from and The flowers arrived on schedule and in great condition. I highly recommend both sites to any bride.

Whoopie Pies from <>  …
These were such a hit! Marisa (the owner) was a dream to work with! She answered questions, provided samples, customized the packaging for us at no additional charge, and even gave us a volume discount! We chose to use these as a compliment to our DIY ice cream sundae bar in lieu of a cake. The whoopies arrived on time, were fresh … and tasted amazing! I happened to be skimming through the “favors for under $5″ call out in one of the chapters and decided to give her a call. I have attached pictures of the display …

Thank you for putting together this survival guide for brides. I honestly don’t know if I could have pulled this off — under budget — without this book! I bought copies for the brides-to-be in my life and hope they benefit as much as I did.

Best regards,
Aimee L.



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