videoYes, we have released a brand new 11th edition of BRIDAL BARGAINS! And, yes, this is our 23rd year anniversary! Bridal Bargains first came out in 1990.

So, what’s new in the book? As always, we have updated the book with even more bargains—new web sites that discount dresses, sources for affordable invites and even a web resource that lets you create affordable digital photo albums. Read about the latest sources for wholesale flowers, do-it-yourself invites and discount bridesmaids dresses.

Our biggest change: green weddings. Yes, you can go green AND save money—we’ll explore how couples are making their weddings eco-friendly, with detailed tips and advice.

Can you order a bridal gown direct from China and save big? Yes! We’ve got the scoop in this edition, with details on Chinese bridal gown sellers offering dresses for as little as $50 or $100!

All in all, you’ll see more bargain tips in each chapter, from cakes to catering. We’ve added pages of deals and steals on every topic in the book.