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Sex & Pregnancy 411: The new mini ebook from the authors of Expecting 411!

Excerpted from the best-selling pregnancy book, EXPECTING 411, this easy-to-read, 28-page ebook covers everything you wanted to know about having sex while pregnant, but were afraid to ask! Just 99 cents! Expert advice and tips include:

• Will I die if I have oral sex? No kidding, a major pregnancy book says this could happen—we give you the real answer.

• Is it normal to NOT be in the mood? Or excessively horny?

• What will happen to your sexual desire, trimester by trimester.

• 5 tips to stay connected.

• Can an orgasm cause a miscarriage or hurt my baby?

• BONUS: Additional tips and advice cover exercise while pregnant (what’s safe and what isn’t), travel (how far along can you travel by plane?) and work issues (when you need to stop working).

Get it today on the Kindle, Nook or Apple iPad for only 99 cents—see the links below! (FYI: If you already have the Expecting 411 book, you already have this material).

Amazon Kindle  Amazon Kindle version of Sex & Pregnancy 411 ebook.
Barnes & Noble Nook version of Sex & Pregnancy 411 ebook.
Apple iBooks Apple iBooks version of Sex & Pregnancy 411 ebook.

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