Bonus Material

Expecting 411 Bonus Downloads

Family history record: Handy to give your OB at your first visit.

Body Mass Index chart

Pregnancy Health History form

Birth Record form

Expecting 411 Extra Material

Here is the extra content we promised in the 2nd edition of Expecting 411. Each are PDF files.

1. Advice on picking a pediatrician.

2. Surviving the first few days of breastfeeding!

3. Birth control options.

4. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 411.

5. Selective reduction with multiples.

6. Triplets birthing advice.

7. Cord blood uses (current and future).

8. Table on Down Syndrome chances.

9. Stillbirths.

10. Medications (traditional and alternative). Note: this PDF is password protected. The password is the last word of Chapter 13 “Labor Day” (page 352 of the print version of Expecting 411 2nd edition). Enter the word all in lower case, without any punctuation at the end.

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