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  • Meet the Experts of 411
    Dr. Ari Brown,Pediatrician Denise Fields,Author and Mom Dr. Michele Hakakha,OB/GYN
  • Why you’ll love the Baby 411 series!

    Experts you can trust.

    Every answer is written by Dr. Ari Brown, pediatrician, an official spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics and a trusted source on children’s healthcare. Award-winning Beverly Hills OB/GYN Dr. Michele Hakakha provides her expert advice on pregnancy. Together with best-selling author Denise Fields, Baby 411 is an easy-to-read, expert resource with quick answers to your most pressing questions.

    Learn more about authors Dr. Ari Brown, Pediatrician, Denise Fields and Dr. Michele Hakakha, OB/GYN.

  • 360° coverage:
    Pregnancy, Baby & Toddler.

    One web site to rule them all: pregnancy, baby, toddler! From the first moment you discover you’re pregnant to toilet training your toddler, we’ve got you’ve covered. Child birth, epidurals, finding a pediatrician, diaper rash, toddler temper tantrums—
    from pregnancy to age 4, Baby 411 covers it all.

    Learn more about how Baby 411 will prepare you
    for birth, the first year and beyond!

  • 360 coverage: Pregnancy, Baby & Toddler

  • At work. At home. On the go

  • At work. At home. On the go.

    Purchase a print book to supplement our web site.
    Leave the book at your bedside.
    Visit our site from your work computer.
    Surf for answers on your iPad.
    Or look up answers on the go with your
    iPhone or Android device—our site is easy to navigate,
    no matter where you are.

    Learn more about the Baby 411 print plus web bundle.

  • Easy-to-read
    questions & answers
    with a killer search box.

    Google “diaper rash” and you’ll get 4.8 million results.
    Don’t waste time wading through countless sites.
    Zero in on the answer here at Baby 411!
    Baby 411’s clever window shade design
    lets you focus on what’s most important.
    And skip what you don’t need.
    No more endless web searches.
    Learn more about our friendly Q&A format.

    Learn more about our friendly Q&A format.

  • Easy-to-read questions & answers with a killer search box.

    • Over 500,000 readers agree.

      Since 2003, the Baby 411 book series has sold over
      500,000 copies. And has been featured on numerous TV
      shows like Rachael Ray, NBC’s Today Show and more.
      But we’re most proud of the raves from our dedicated readers.

      More reviews & accolades

    • “If you only buy one book, buy Baby 411.”

      M.R, California

      “This book is well written, well organized,
      easy to follow, and full of great information.”

      A. R., Texas

      “I highly recommend this book to all new parents.”

      M. L., Georgia

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