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One Subscription To Rule Them All

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You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

Whether this is your first pregnancy or you have gold status in the frequent pregnancy club, we know you have questions—from the big ones (what is labor like?) to the small (can I eat sushi?). Baby 411 is the only site with 360 degree coverage: one subscription buys you expert, easy-to-read advice on pregnancy, baby and toddler. Yes, all the way to age four!

Here’s a quick look at the three main areas of the site:

Expecting 411Pregnancy. Demystified.

From “Is it Normal?” questions on morning sickness and stretch marks, to “Is it Safe” (how much coffee can I drink?), Expecting 411 is your go-to-guide whenever you have a question on your pregnancy. We cover how much weight should gain, breastfeeding 101, epidurals, natural childbirth and much more. Bonus: a detailed guide to prep you for parenthood, including advice on all the decisions you’ll soon be making (tests for your newborn, cord blood banking and more).

Baby 411Your Baby, Birth to Age One.

With over 400,000 copies sold, Baby 411 covers it all: sleep, nutrition, growth, first aid and more. How to pick a pediatrician? How to sooth a fussy baby? You’ll get those answers and more, including a step-by-step guide to successful breastfeeding, introducing solid foods and more. Bonus: Is it Normal? Learn how your baby will grown and develop.

Toddler 411Toddler Time: Now the Fun Begins.

What’s truth about the Terrible Two’s? Toddler 411 shows you have to raise a well-behaved child . . .  without going insane.  How about picky eaters? We’ll show you how to cope and convince your child to eat something besides Goldfish crackers. Learn how to toilet train your child in just one day. Bonus: learn how to avoid environmental hazards and discover what’s normal (and what’s not) when it comes to your toddler’s growth and development.