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Our search engine lets you zero in an expert answer in seconds. Best of all, a single search covers all three topics (pregnancy, baby and toddler). Search for “flu” and you’ll be able to jump to just the right answer—should you get a flu shot when your pregnant? What if your newborn gets the flu? How soon can a toddler return to preschool after the flu? We’ve got the answers, organized in an easy-to-navigate screen.

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See what you want. Hide what you don’t.

Each of the red topic areas on our site can be expanded with a click of the mouse to reveal the answer.  Or expand all questions or all sections to read the every reference.

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Expand Your Search. Or Narrow Results.

Not finding what you need? Delete words from your search with a simple click. Or narrow the results by searching within your search to zero in on an answer.

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