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Expecting 411

Baby 411

Toddler 411

Expecting 411 Info
Baby 411 Info
Toddler 411 Info
    • Covers your pregnancy, labor and delivery.
    • Co-authored by award-winning OB/GYN Dr. Michele Hakakha
    • Is this normal? From morning sickness to stretch marks, you'll learn what's expected — and what's not.
    • Is it safe? Sushi? Hair dye? Coffee? Get detailed do's and don'ts.
    • Easy to find answers on natural childbirth, nutrition, epidurals, when to call the doc
    • Covers your baby from birth to age 1.
    • Co-authored by award-winning pediatrician, Dr. Ari Brown.
    • How to pick a pediatrician with savvy questions to ask and insider tips.
    • Sleep. The best way to get your baby to sleep through the night.
    • First aid—when to worry and when not.
    • Fussy baby 411. Is it colic? Acid reflux? Discover the secrets to soothing a fussy baby.
    • Is my baby normal? Learn how your baby will grow and develop.
    • Covers your toddler from age 1 to 4.
    • Co-authored by award-winning pediatrician, Dr. Ari Brown.
    • The truth about the Terrible Twos and how to raise a well-behaved child without going insane.
    • Picky eaters—learn how to cope and convince your child to eat something besides Goldfish crackers.
    • Toilet train your toddler in just one day.
    • What’s normal and what’s not when it comes to your toddler’s growth and development.
    • The latest research on autism.
    • Simple steps and smart advice to avoid environmental hazards.