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CDCBecause we’ve received some questions from our readers, we wanted to give you a little more info regarding the new chickenpox recommendations.

The Centers for Disease Control and their advisory committee on immunization practices (ACIP) recommended on June 29, 2006 that the chickenpox vaccine should be a series of two doses instead of just one. The reason? About 1 in 5 kids who get vaccinated will still be susceptible to a mild case of chickenpox. A two-dose series provides better protection. The first dose is given at 12-15 months of age. The second dose will be routinely given at the 4-6 year old well check, along with other booster vaccinations. And, any child over six years of age who has already gotten the first dose needs a second “catch-up” dose (unless he has had the disease). The CDC has posted these recommendations on their website this month.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has not made their official recommendations yet, but their recommendations are coming soon. Many doctors have already begun giving the chickenpox booster based on the CDC’s recommendations.


Hi Dr. Brown: My 13 month old just came down with chickenpox....

Jennifer said on :

Hi Dr. Brown:
My 13 month old just came down with chickenpox. He was immunized with the vaccine (along with MMR and pneumococcal) 3 weeks ago. Is it possible that his case of chickenpox is from the vaccination? We haven’t heard that there’s been an outbreak at daycare. Also, if so, do I need to worry about the other vaccinations “taking”? Thanks so much.


CDC published its MMWR (Mortality and Morbidity Weekly...

jovonni said on :

CDC published its MMWR (Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report) 1/5/07,which states all children need two doses of Varicella. The first dose should be administered at 12-15 months and the second dose should be given at 4-6 years. In addition, this is supported by the ACIP, which has both doses on the most recent vaccine schedule. Also, you may want to check with individual state requirements for school entry.


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