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Winter & Holiday Tips: Remember the 4 S's

SLEEP: When your child is traveling across time zones, missing naptimes, pushing back bedtime for special holiday activities, or simply sleeping in a different crib or bed—be prepared for him to have disrupted sleep. The solution? Try to stick to your child’s sleep routine as much as possible. And, then be prepared to give your […]

Dr. Brown on Rachael Ray—AGAIN!

Set your Tivo for another fun and helpful episode as “Dr. Ari” advises parents with kids who don’t listen to them (do you know any kids like that?) The show will air on Thursday, November 30. Check here to see when the show airs in your local area.  

Flu frenzy: Caused by the drug or the bug?

The Food and Drug Administration is reviewing cases and news reports of bizarre behavior in primarily children overseas who were taking the antiviral medication, Tamiflu, while they were infected with the influenza virus (better known as “The Flu”). It is unclear whether the cases of delirium, hallucinations, and other bizarre behaviors are due to the […]