Question of the day: Is it ok to mix formula with cow's milk

Reader Amy F writes in today with question about mixing formula and cow’s milk:

My daughter is 10 months old and breast fed. We started trying out cow’s milk just recently. Knowing that it does not have all the needed nutrients as breast milk, I was wondering if I can add formula to milk for added nutrients? She will not take formula any other way.

Hi Amy,

Thanks for writing in. The American Academy of
Pediatrics nutrition committee does not recommend
replacing breast milk or formula with cow’s milk under
one year of age—period.

The reason? Not only does cow’s milk lack the proper
nutrients that breast/formula have but babies under
one year have difficulty digesting cow’s milk in large
volumes. It’s ok to use milk in prepared foods, or
offer yogurt or cheese under a year, but drinking 8oz
or more of cow’s milk a day can result in severe
anemia. The milk irritates the gut, and causes the
baby’s intestinal lining to break down.

For your baby with the discriminating palette, I’d
rather see you add a teaspoon or two of prune juice or
pear juice to the formula to sweeten it up or mix a
little expressed breast milk in it if you’ve got it.

Hope that helps explain the rationale here~
Dr B


Interesting information. How does the outcome look...

tony said on :

Interesting information. How does the outcome look if this was a question around Soy Milk?
Thank you


Interesting this was. But what if the question was...

tony said on :

Interesting this was. But what if the question was based around Soy Milk? What would that outcome look like?
Thank you


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