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New Autism Screening recommendations

The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that ALL children be specifically and systematically screened for autism at their 18 month and 2 year old well checks. A questionnaire should be given to parents at both visits and reviewed by the doctor. While there is no one perfect screening test, the one being recommended by […]

The New McCarthyism: Vaccines & Autism

Here is a reprint of guest opinion authored by Dr. Ari Brown in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal: October 27, 2007    Vaccines and AutismBy ARI BROWNOctober 27, 2007; Page A8Dangerous vaccines that harm kids. An epidemic of disabled children, hurt by an uncaring medical establishment. Sounds like a B-grade Hollywood thriller. But this is […]

Infant cough and cold med recall

The major manufacturers of infant cough and cold preparations have voluntarily recalled 14 products from the market today, saying that there is too much risk of misuse or overdose of these products. They should be applauded for being proactive on this one. This comes shortly before the Food and Drug Administration is scheduled to release […]

Reader Email: How do we give up swaddling?

Reader Joshua S. writes today: I do have a question though that was not in the book, unless I missed it.  We have been swaddling our two month old son with one of those halo swaddles – the one that you put the baby in, zip it up, then there are wings that swaddle around […]