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Gene linked to autism

Two separate studies, published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine and in Human Molecular Genetics, identified an abnormal region on Chromosome 16 that is found in 1% of kids with autism. Obviously, this is not an explanation for all children affected by autism, but it may be the beginning of more research […]

Mercury out, autism rates still going up

A study, published in the Archives of General Psychiatry this week, looked at the number of cases of autism in California BEFORE thimerosal preservative was removed from the standard recommended vaccination series in 2001 and AFTER. Guess what? The rates of autism are still climbing in California. This is the same thing that Denmark found […]

HIB Vaccine Recall

As expected, the Centers for Disease Control have recommended that the booster dose of HIB vaccine (given at either the 12 or 15 month well check) be postponed until the vaccine shortage is over. Children who are considered high risk of getting HIB infection are still prioritized to get their booster shots. Babies will continue […]