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FDA says "oops" on BPA-laden polycarbonate baby bottles

“A panel of science experts challenged the Food and Drug Administration’s conclusion that a chemical widely used in plastic food containers is safe, saying the FDA should have paid more attention to studies suggesting the contrary,” reports the Wall Street Journal today. It’s the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of BPA and baby bottles. […]

Q and A of the Day: Are melamine plates safe?

Q. With all this talk about Chinese formula being tainted with melamine, I’m a little leary of using my melamine plates. Are they safe? A. With melamine in the news, no doubt many parents wonder about other melamine products. I have reviewed the existing medical literature and polled my favorite environmental health expert to answer […]

Q & A of the Day: What causes baby snot?

I was wondering if you could address how common a runny nose is for a food allergy. My 7-month old had a runny nose/congestion every morning from around 10 am to 4 pm and nothing in his daily routine had changed. Are we over analyzing the runny nose? A few comments:1. True food allergies can […]

New Vitamin D recommendations? Confused? Here's the 411.

Greetings from Boston! The weather is beautiful and the leaves are changing colors. It’s also the site of the American Academy of Pediatrics annual convention this year. The AAP’s major policy statement released at the convention is that all kids need more Vitamin D in their diets. The previous recommendation, which dates back to 2003, […]

Cough and Cold Meds, again

As you may recall, the Food and Drug Administration already banned the sale of cough and cold medications intended for children under age two. At the same time, concern was raised about using these products for children under age six–but no action was taken on that. In response to these concerns, manufacturers of over the […]

Nursing and peanut products

A follow up question to our last peanut post:Q. What is the current recommendation on eating peanuts/peanut products while nursing? A. Research has gone back and forth on this one. But the most comprehensive, definitive study to date, published in the New England Journal of Medicine a few years back says peanuts are ok. There […]

HIV Vaccine: Is it worth it?

Q. I have been reading Toddler411 and have come to respect your advice and information. So I am asking you this question first to hear your input. My daughter, a military dependant has gotten the first two HIV shots. The military is pushing for the third, but not requiring it. What have you heard/what are […]

Peanut allergy: what are the real risk factors?

Today’s question of the day: I’m reading up on the whole peanut allergy thing and I wonder if you can help me separate the wheat from the chaff. How real is the increase in peanut allergies in recent years and how much is media hype/the new thing to be hysterical about? I’ve found a LOT […]