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Tainted baby formula? Again?

Melamine: the latest, greatest environmental health scare. If this isn’t exactly a household name for you, read our handy Q and A below. Q. What’s melamine? A. Melamine is a synthetic chemical that is used to make plastic resin coatings. Melamine made headlines last year due to tainted cat and dog food, and this year […]

Have a peanut, kid.

The latest study on peanut allergies found something very revealing: Israeli children who got their first taste of peanuts between 8—14 months of age were LESS likely to have a peanut allergy than their British peers who didn't start eating peanut products until after 14 months of age. In fact, the British kids were 10 […]

Baby gas drops recalled

Two lots of the popular infant gas drops, Mylicon, were recalled by the manufacturer due to potential contamination with metal fragments. There are no details on the true health hazard–and there are no reported problems thus far. But, no one really wants their gassy baby to be eating metal. Here's the actual press release from […]

Toddlers who roam at night: Question of the Day

Q. I have 2 year old who is sleeping in a twin size bed and was doing great up until a couple of weeks ago. Now he gets out of his bed 4-5 times during the night and he makes a beeline for my bedroom.  I do not want him to sleep in our bed […]