Have a peanut, kid.

The latest study on peanut allergies found something very revealing: Israeli children who got their first taste of peanuts between 8—14 months of age were LESS likely to have a peanut allergy than their British peers who didn't start eating peanut products until after 14 months of age. In fact, the British kids were 10 times more likely to have peanut allergies!!! This study was reported in this month's Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

We've reported before on the long term study underway now on offering peanut-containing products to infants as young as four months of age. Those study results will not be available until after those kids turn five…hence we are a few years away from seeing whether or not peanut exposure in infancy helps or hurts the number of kids with peanut allergies.

However, this latest study provides evidence that there may, indeed, be some rethinking on recommendations for infants and some of the high allergenic foods.

For the time being, please do not give your four month old a PB&J.

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