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Meningitis update

Many people are asking for details about the Minnesota children who contracted HIB infections. Here's about all we know: Of the three children who were unvaccinated, two sets of parents refused to vaccinate. One set was choosing to delay vaccinations until 5 years of age. The child who died was one of these three children. […]

Peanut butter alert!

There's a Salmonella outbreak (one form of bacterial food poisoning) going on in the U.S. (474 cases thus far and 6 deaths) that appears to be linked to peanut butter manufactured by the Peanut Corporation of America.Their products end up in more than just the jar that's sitting in your pantry–it may include cookies, candies, […]

Vick's Vaporub: Placebo Effect?

A study that was published in this month's medical journal, Chest, took a look at the common practice of rubbing Vick's on a child in hopes of clearing the nasal passages. We all remember how our moms used to do this and how the darn stuff smelled. Parents today have resorted to putting Vick's on […]

Chickenpox parties

I read an unbelievable story in the New York Post today. Families are notifying random parents via Craig’s list to offer up their chickenpox infected child to anyone wanting their own child to be exposed. While this is bothersome on a variety of levels, perhaps the most disturbing to me is the erroneous notion that […]

Tainted formula update

As you may recall, the FDA has been investigating U.S made infant formula for possible melamine contamination. To date, the FDA has sampled 89 different infant formula containers and they have posted their results on their website here. As you can see, 4 were found to have extremely low levels of either melamine or cyanuric […]