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New Vitamin D drops

If you have been following our blog on this topic, you know that the AAP changed its recommendations for Vitamin D supplements this past fall. All breastfed babies, and babies receiving less than 32 oz a day of formula should get a Vitamin D supplement. Previously, I recommended Tri-Vi-Sol (a trio of Vitamin A,D, and […]

Pic o' the week: Hand-foot-and-mouth

This is the bug of the week in Austin, TX….and probably many other places across the country. Typically, we see this virus (official name: Coxsackie virus) every spring and summer. It’s not serious, but it is contagious. It spreads through infected saliva—so little kids who put toys in their mouths are notorious for spreading it […]

Chemical castration as autism therapy?

Yes, you read it correctly. A medical doctor (who is not an endocrinologist) and his son (who has no medical degree at all) are touting their "revolutionary" therapy to treat autism. It's called the Lupron Protocol. Lupron is a hormone used to treat some forms of prostate cancer as well as to chemically castrate sex […]

Chicago babies go BPA-free

Yesterday, the Chicago City Council voted unaminously to ban the sale of baby bottles and sippy cups that contain the chemical, bisphenol-A (BPA). This ban comes before the FDA has completed its ongoing investigation of the chemical. Law or no law–FDA or no FDA, consumers have already started driving BPA out of the marketplace, anyway. […]

Binkies and breastfeeding can mix

This week actually brought health news other than H1N1 virus. A study in this month's Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine sought to debunk a myth that's been circulating for quite some time: Pacifiers don't make a baby or mom choose to stop breastfeeding. Once again, correlation does not necessarily mean causation. Although babies who […]

H1N1 update, from the trenches

This week, I have blogged quite a bit about official recommendations coming from the CDC and state health departments. They have gone above and beyond in keeping everyone informed. I thought you all might find it helpful to hear what is going on near "ground zero" here in Texas. I have purposely tried to keep […]