New iPhone app tracks feedings, diaper changes

Diaper Change and Feeding App If you have an iPhone and are looking for an affordable way to track those feedings, diaper changes and how much (or little) sleep your baby is getting, check out the Baby Activity Logger from two San Diego-based dads who go by the name Nerdtown.

We’ve been playing with a demo version of the app for the past couple of days and think it is excellent—you can track when you last fed baby . . . or when baby awoke from that nap. The app has graphical reports and trending charts, helpful in case you are sleep deprived and think you are missing something!

For $2.99, it is a good deal. We liked the numerous options—you can track multiple babies, see a summary of what happened today and even integrate the app with Twitter. (What? You don’t tweet your baby’s diaper changes to your Twitter followers? You’re so 2008).

If you’ve found other cool iPhone apps for new parents, let us know below!

Michelle DeCrane

Another great baby-friendly app for the iPhone is the...

Michelle DeCrane said on :

Another great baby-friendly app for the iPhone is the “White Noise Lite” app. It’s free and has 6 or 7 great background sounds, including “white noise”. Got a fussy baby in the car? Just turn on the white noise app, lay the phone in the car seat next to the baby, and voila–instant soothing while you’re on the road!


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