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Giving Tamiflu out like water

I found a swine flu news story that really disturbed me. Apparently the British have set up a call in center for their citizens to easily get a prescription for Tamiflu. No need to see a doctor. No need to confirm the diagnosis with a physical exam or a simple flu test. All you have […]

Boulder, can we have your vaccine supply?

An article in Boulder, Colorado’s local paper caught my eye today. Parents in Boulder don’t want their kids to get the swine flu vaccine. Most people know Boulder for its beautiful mountains, clean living, and being a great college town (or maybe Mork and Mindy if you are as old as I am). But, you […]

New Baby 411 book arrives!

It’s here! It’s here! The new 4th edition of BABY 411 has arrived at our warehouse! We start shipping tomorrow! If you haven’t ordered yet, our free shipping special continues for just a few more days! Denise Co-author, BABY 411

New 4th edition of BABY 411 to debut August 24!

Here’s a quick look at what’s new: Environmental hazards-–what you need to know and how to avoid them. We look at easy and affordable ways to reduce your baby’s exposure to eco hazards. The 411 on Vitamin D. You’ve seen the headlines—now read our tips on how to make sure baby is getting enough Vitamin […]