Boulder, can we have your vaccine supply?

An article in Boulder, Colorado’s local paper caught my eye today. Parents in Boulder don’t want their kids to get the swine flu vaccine.

Most people know Boulder for its beautiful mountains, clean living, and being a great college town (or maybe Mork and Mindy if you are as old as I am). But, you probably don’t know that Boulder has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the entire country. Only 60% of Boulder children ages 19-35 months are properly vaccinated. That almost 20% less than anywhere else in Colorado, and the rest of the country. Boulder fails to mention that in their glossy relocation and travel brochures.

As health departments across the country are scrambling to figure out how to widely distribute the H1N1 swine flu vaccine as soon as it becomes available, the Boulder County Health Dept may not have enough providers asking to give it in their offices due to low demand. They may end up offering it through school-based clinics, as other health departments are also considering.

I’d be happy to scoop up Boulder’s supply if they don’t plan to use it. Everyday, I have families asking when their child can get the H1N1 vaccine. Hopefully, it will arrive soon so that we can begin protecting patients before the anticipated surge as school resumes and flu season really kicks into high gear. I’m afraid that Boulder may prove to be an unfortunate experiment of an unprotected community.