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Swine flu vaccine: What you need to know

AVAILABILITY Q. Does your office have swine flu vaccine yet? No. Medical providers have not received their shipment of swine flu vaccine yet. We anticipate getting the first shipment in mid-October. The U.S. plans to have 195 million doses of H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine, but it will be distributed in several batches on a weekly […]

CDC says: Tamiflu only for the sickest

With Tamiflu flying off the pharmacists' shelves, it was only a matter of time before the Centers for Disease Control stepped in to offer new treatment and prevention guidelines for H1N1 virus. The concern: If Tamiflu and other antivirals are used excessively, the H1N1 virus has a chance to develop drug resistance. And if that […]

How accurate is a flu test?

Yet another installment of Tales from the Trenches…. Swine flu has continued to spread throughout the summer.  And everyone assumes it is going to get worse over the coming months. Mind you, other run of the mill respiratory viruses are also starting to show up during the fall and winter—a.k.a. common cold viruses and sore […]