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Jenny McCarthy changes her mind?

Those of you who follow this blog and read my books know that I have never supported Jenny McCarthy's claims that her son developed autism from vaccines. Despite the overwhelming lack of scientific evidence, her "mission" to improve public awareness and draw attention to herself has been a pretty successful campaign. More parents are freaked […]

Can Dads-to-be gain weight and have labor pains?

If you're a dad-to-be and you are gaining weight along with your beloved pregnant gal, you aren't alone. Check out this great story in Parenting this month… Dr Michele Hakakha, co-author of the much anticipated Expecting 411, enlightens us on Couvade Syndrome.

In the news today…

My hometown is making some shocking news today. On one side of town, a small plane crashed into a building. You probably saw it on CNN. Devastating. On the other side of town, the British researcher whose MMR vaccine study was recently retracted from the Lancet journal and was the founder of a program for […]

Goodbye MMR Vaccine Study

Most of you reading this post have not been following this story for as long as I have. However, you may be familiar with the buzz it created. To get you up to speed: A small report on 12 patients was published in the British medical journal, The Lancet, back in 1998 regarding a concern […]