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ALERT: Baby crib recall

Yesterday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall on 2 million “drop-side” cribs involving 7 manufacturers. That brings the grand total to over 9 million drop-side cribs that have been recalled in the past five years and 32 babies who have died accidentally due to these malfunctioning cribs. Wondering if your crib is one […]

Turning one? Cow's milk 411

Once your baby becomes a toddler at his first birthday, he no longer needs to be drinking infant formula. Breast milk is fine if mom is still nursing, but if not, here's what you need to know about making the big switch to cow's milk. We helped the folks at babygooroo on this useful article. 

Vitamin D drops, new warning for babies

How much Vitamin D does your baby need? And, are you sure you are dosing it correctly? This is the new warning coming from the FDA today. Some highly concentrated Vitamin D drops make it easy to over-dose your baby. So what’s up with Vitamin D anyway? Vitamin D is essential for proper bone growth […]

Considering pregnancy? Stop smoking.

If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, there are several things to put on your to-do list…start taking prenatal vitamins, get up-to-date on any vaccinations, strive for your ideal body weight, and stop any bad habits that might impact the health of your pregnancy and your baby.Smoking fits into that last category. A new study […]

NEW Baby 411 iPhone app…it's FREE

We are pleased to announce the NEW Baby 411 iPhone app by Dr Ari Brown. Keep up with the latest breaking news on baby and child health while you are on the go. You can download it here. Did we mention that it is FREE?

Parent of the Year? Or maybe not.

Have you ever done anything as a parent that might disqualify you from receiving the Parent of the Year award? Fortunately, most of those infractions are minor and our kids are very forgiving! Here’s a great story by Julie Deardorff of the Chicago Tribune that I helped with. Enjoy!