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Nap Nanny recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission requested a recall this week on the infant sleep recliner called the “Nap Nanny” after a four month old baby died while using one. The company voluntarily recalled 22,000 recliners and has safety and recall information available here. Specifically, model numbers NN1010, NN1020, NN1030, NN1040,NN1050, NN1055, NN1060, and NN1070 are […]

Baby 411 now available on Apple's iBookstore

Great news! Baby 411 is now available as an ebook on the Apple iBookstore! Just download the free iBooks app, search for Baby 411 and voila! You can read Baby 411 on your iPad or iPhone! And for those blog readers in France, Germany, Canada or the UK, you can also download Baby 411 Apple […]

Swimmer's ear 411

Wondering about swimmer’s ear? I got my ENT hubbie, Dr Mark Brown, to help me out with some great advice on treatment and practical tips to prevent it. Read all about it at my WebMD blog.

Toilet Training tips

Reader question of the day: Q. My 2 1/2 year old seemed like he was ready to potty train so he has been wearing underwear for the past four weeks. He was interested at first and we used a sticker chart for his successes. He’s only told me once that he needs to pee and […]

Food poisoning and raw goat's milk…raw foodies beware!

BOULDER, CO. (Where else would you expect?!) The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has verified that an outbreak of food poisoning that has sickened 30 people and hospitalized 2 children is due to consumption of raw (unpasteurized) goat’s milk from a local goat dairy farm. The unpasteurized milk contained Campylobacter and E coli […]