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Q of the day: Bedwetting, how much longer?!

Q. My 6 year old son has been toilet trained since he was 3, but he still wears pull-ups at night. We’ve tried to limit how much he drinks at night and all kinds of bribes, but nothing has worked. I’m considering taking the pull-up away to see if this will motivate him. Any suggestions? […]

The scoop on baby poop

Admit it. You spend too much of your day staring at baby poop…and thus, you are probably an expert by now. But when your baby isn't pooping like he's supposed to, or he looks pretty uncomfortable when he's trying to "drop a deuce" (my teenager's new phrase after summer camp), you need some advice. What's […]

Does parenthood ruin your sex life?

Umm, yes. A new survey from BabyTalk Magazine proves what most of us already know. In fact, three-fourths of parents who responded preferred sleep over sex. Read the details at Expecting 411 blog.

Q of the Day: My toddler is a crib jumper

Q. My 2 year old figured out how to climb out of his crib, so we moved him to a big boy bed. Now he routinely gets out of bed at night and goes to bother his 5 year old sister. Is it cruel to lock him in his room at night? A. Your child’s […]

Q of the day: My baby won't nap

One of our readers wrote in today with a question that many parents ponder…. Q. “My baby is four months old and remarkably, she falls asleep on her own in her crib and sleeps through the night. I know I shouldn’t complain, but I can’t get her to do the same at naptime. The only […]

New 3rd edition of TODDLER 411 to debut August 30!

Let’s see if you recognize this child: Every tooth brushing is a wresting match. Bribery is required to get him into his car seat. You can rate and name his tantrums like tropical storms. …and he only eats beige colored food. If this sounds familiar, you need TODDLER 411. This best-selling guide to surviving toddlerhood […]

Think raising a toddler is hard? Try raising six at once!

One of the most difficult parenting challenges is surviving life with a strong willed, independent minded toddler. (Yes, this is the toddler mission statement and these are positive qualities later in life!) But, can you imagine living and caring for six of them at once?! I had an opportunity to witness this firsthand recently as […]

Q of the day: When to ditch the binkie?

Q. My baby loves his pacifier. I’m afraid to take it away from him. When it is the ideal time to pull the “plug”? Pacifier, binkie, plug…call it what you whatever you like. After working with families for 15 years, I think the ideal time to ditch the paci is 6 months. Research shows that […]