Think raising a toddler is hard? Try raising six at once!

One of the most difficult parenting challenges is surviving life with a strong willed, independent minded toddler. (Yes, this is the toddler mission statement and these are positive qualities later in life!) But, can you imagine living and caring for six of them at once?!

I had an opportunity to witness this firsthand recently as I was invited to help the Masche family of the WeTV series, Raising Sextuplets. Jenny and Bryan are a lovely, incredibly caring couple and they haveĀ  pretty terrific kids. But having six toddlers in the mix really puts their skills to the test. I gave them some concrete tips on discipline strategies, toilet training, and how to get everyone to sleep through the night.

The show airs on Thursday, August 5 at 10p Eastern/9p Central. Check out the WeTV website for showtimes in your area. Watch the trailer here.Trust me, it will make you appreciate how easy your own life is by comparison!!