3 things a pregnant gal needs

Pregnant Gals Need Shoes

If you are like us, pregnancy is a really good excuse to go shopping! Besides all that cute baby stuff, there are a few key purchases you should get for yourself. Warning: none of these must-haves were spotted on the runways at New York Fashion Week.

  1. Granny panties. We know, it can be pretty demoralizing to outgrow your sexy little thong undies. But, granny panties can be quite comfortable with your ever-expanding belly. When you reach this state, you probably won’t care about how those panties look on you. If you are really dead set on the thong, you may want to check out Hanky Panky brand or Cosabella brand–both of which are low enough to sit below your blossoming belly.
  2. Maternity Belt. This can be a real quality of life-saver if you’ve got back, belly, or leg pains. Our suggestion: don’t order one online. Go into a maternity store, get fitted, and figure out which style suits you best.
  3. Support hose. We know, we know, they just don’t look good with your Christian Louboutin’s. But, you shouldn’t be wearing those right now anyway! Support stockings help reduce swelling in your feet and improve blood flow in your legs. That’s a good thing…trust us. They come in white, black, and beige knee-highs and white thigh-highs (no need for a garter belt, they have a tight elastic at the top). Most pharmacies stock them. “TED hose” is a well known brand name.

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