Does your child have NDD? That wasn't a typo

NDD stands for Nature Deficit Disorder and it's on the rise in American kids who are glued to screens of all kinds. Remember the good old days when our parents told us to "go play outside" and we didn't see them until dinner was on the table? What happened? Are we so afraid of stranger danger that we keep our kids locked up in our homes? Or, are there so many fun things to do with screens these days that sunshine and exploration of the nearest creek or woods can't compete?

Author and keynote speaker for the American Academy of Pediatrics national meeting, Richard Louv, expressed his concerns of our children's lifestyles yesterday in San Francisco to a packed crowd of pediatricians.

Louv encourages families to look at the real statistics about childhood abductions. The numbers have actually been going DOWN for the past 20 years. And, he says, "the vast majority of abductions are not by strangers, but by somebody the family knows." While media outlets send chills down every parent's spine when they report on these heart-breaking cases, the cases are actually pretty rare.

His advice to pediatricians: "Recommend to parents that kids go outside." Pretty simple stuff, yet incredibly important. I couldn't agree more.

Here's my advice: Maybe parents should go outside, too. And on that note, I am turning off my computer and going for a walk!