Miley: Goodbye to the girl next door

Miley Cyrus 2007

Miley Cyrus Concert, November 2007

Full disclosure: In November 2007, my then 8 year old daughter and I went to see Miley Cyrus in concert and we both loved it. I was impressed with this nearly-14 year old who was so poised and truly entertaining on stage. And, looking around at the other smiling moms and daughters in the crowd, I know I wasn’t alone. But, that was almost four years ago and Miley has grown up.

The release of her new music video “Who Owns My Heart” shows that in a big way. There has been much criticism this week regarding the fairly erotic video (although no one seems to be commenting about the lyrics–which are also sexual if you take the time to listen to them!) As a pediatrician and a mom of a tween, I feel compelled to chime in here.

Miley has outgrown her pre-teen and tween fan base and is trying to take her act to a larger and more lucrative audience (since tweens rely on mom and dad to pay for their iTunes purchases!).
It appears that neither she, her parents, her managers or agent care if her good girl image is tarnished in the process. It’s not personal, it’s business.

This “new” Miley really isn’t about promoting clean and healthy values for young girls growing up in America, and as such, I hope that parents are not using her as a role model for their daughters. That Miley has left the building.

The person I am most bothered with in this scenario is Billy Ray Cyrus. It appears he and his wife are more concerned about the revenue than their daughter being exploited. She never got to be a normal kid. I truly hope that this doesn’t adversely affect her life, like so many childhood stars.

And, since I am still the one paying for my now 12 year old daughter’s iTunes purchases, you can be certain she won’t be buying this song.

Miley Cyrus 2010

Miley Cyrus, 2010