Mom says Halo SleepSack zipper ripped out baby's tooth

Reader Lucinda Alden writes in today with a scary story about her Halo SleepSack’s zipper:

Denise and Alan,

A year ago, my 9 month old had his tooth ripped out by a Halo sleep sack. My husband and I were traumatized, and our child stopped sleeping after the incident. We chose the wearable blanket for safety — designed to keep infants safe. This is a brand that promises to help our babies sleep safer.

More than one dentist has provided us with treatment plans that could include as many procedures as installing a spacer, requiring orthodontic braces, and eventually an implant, which will need to be replaced often during the course of his life.

We asked Halo to alert the public, recall the product, stop selling them, and compensate us for the medical treatment for our son.

Halo’s CEO, founder and insurers have all been non-co-operative, stalling and generally playing games for the last twelve months.

I contacted Michael Finney’s team over at ABC 7 News finally, and they took it quite seriously. It was uncovered that this exact injury had happened 7 months before to another and Halo had lied about this, and covered it up. In addition, ABC news found 6 or 7 other complaints filed against Halo for disintegrating zippers under the Freedom of Information Act.

And yet, despite promised made to us by Halo, this dangerous product is still being sold today! Please watch the link for the story on ABC 7 11pm News, for more information.


The more we can get the word out, the more likely Halo is to admit their liability, recall the dangerous product, and pull it from retailer shelves. We are also trying to get Halo to compensate the families for their children’s mediacl treatment plans.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission did not rule on the case (contradictory to the news story) and a investigative agent visited us on Friday, along with ABC News who are doing a follow up feature, to gather more information for their investigation. Any exposure you could give to this story and our cause would be much appreciated!

Lucinda Alden

We asked Halo about this report and they responded that they have redesigned the SleepSack’s zipper so it no longer has an eyelet. However, since they believe this incident was a “freakish accident” and that the old zipper met industry standards, they are not recalling older SleepSacks. Read their entire statement here.

Here’s our advice for readers:

• If you have a Halo SleepSack, check the zipper to see if it has an eyelet. If you have a baby who has teeth or is teething, discontinue use of the Halo SleepSack with eyelet zippers. Switch instead to a sleep garment with a zipper that does NOT have an eyelet.

• If you are shopping for a SleepSack, check the package—some of the old garments with the eyelet zippers are still on the market.

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